We have raced tandem bicycles and cycled together since 1990 when we met. We've raced many time trials, district championships a few criteriums, Paris Brest Paris (1999) and countless joyful miles together.

Doreen was an avid swimmer in school and still swims like a fish every chance she gets. Also, she is an avid road cyclist and weight lifter. For work, Doreen is Nurse Epidemiologist specializing in experimental AIDS drug studies.

Me! I have been active in bicycle riding and racing since I could crawl...onto a bike. I began racing in high school and continued in the early days of Mtn. bike racing on the east coast. Later, I turned to road cycling and joined a really great road racing team DCVELO. A special thanks to my DCVELO teammates for their kind support and good wishes.

To pay for all this fun I work in the Information Technology field, coach ultra-endurance athletes, create custom cosmetics and am a certified licensed massage practitioner.



This is the first PAC Tour tour for Doreen and the third for Josh. PAC Tour is a high octane bicycle touring business hosted by the much loved and highly accomplished team of Susan Notorangelo and Lon Haldeman. Both have set so many long distance bicycling records that it would take pages to list them all. Their greatest accomplishment is their beautiful daughter and collection of fine friends.

To find out more about PAC Tour vist them at: www.pactour.com


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